Amana Menu Options

As each group that we cater for differ and have specific needs we have put together a basic menu with many options to choose from.

All figures are calculated per person.

A fixed basic fee of R50 for the weekend (or three day menu) which covers coffee, tea, juice, cookies and fruit.


  • Breakfast will be served in buffet style
    R 40
    Porridge, cereals, a variety of breads & spreads and egg in some form – either scrambled eggs, french toast or quiche
  • Additional Sausage or Bacon
    R 20
    Can be added to the basic breakfast menu

Main course

Can be served as lunch or supper

  • Meal Option A
    R 40
    • Hotdogs and chips with a salad platter
    • Spaghetti bolognaise and garden salad
    • Rolls filled with cold cuts, lettuce and tomato served with a pasta salad on the side
    • Macaroni and cheese (with bacon) and garden salad
    • Chicken curry and rice
    • Curry mince vetkoek and garden salad
    • Chicken a la king with rice
    • Meaty pasta salad
    • Beef and vegetable stew (potjiekos) served with rice
    • Ham & pea or chicken & veg soup served with bread
  • Meal Option B
    R 60
    • Roast chicken served with flavoured rice and vegetables in season
    • Beef lasagne and greek salad
    • Hamburgers and chips with a salad platter
  • Meal Option C
    R 80
    • A chicken and sausage braai with two salads, buttered rolls and garlic baby potatoes.


  • Tapioca or Malva pudding
    R 20
    Served with custard

More Options

  • Crockery & Cutlery
    R 25
    Can be rented per person for the weekend. This does not include the cleaning thereof after meals.
  • Dishwashing service
    R 25
    We also offer this service per person for the weekend

Here is a basic sample menu

Basic fee
R 50
Curry Mince Vetkoek
R 50
Buffet-style Breakfast
R 40
Meaty Pasta Salad
R 40
Chicken a la King
R 40
Buffet-style Breakfast
R 40
Total cost of catering
for the weekend: R250
Please speak to us about vegetarian options or other requirements that you might have.

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