Guidelines and Rules

For the care of Amana Conference centre:

  1. The Amana Conference Centre is the private property of the Africa Evangelistic Band. The AEB is a countrywide Christian interdenominational missions organisation. Although the AEB is willing to avail its facility to Christian churches and Organisations, it retains the right to screen groups and might even refuse them use of the grounds.
  2. Due to negative experience in the past like bad behaviour, wilful damage to property and even theft, persons found guilty of such accusations might be asked to vacate the property immediately.
  3. Camp leaders are requested to report to the office at arrival to settle outstanding payments. Your refundable deposit will not be taken into account. (Your deposit will be refunded one week after the camp date)  If a camp program is available we request that it be presented at this time.
  4. No loud music will be aloud as we try to consider our neighbours. We discourage the use of drums and sound amplifiers.
  5. We respectfully request silence and lights-out after 23H00 in the evening.
  6. The manager reserves the right to allocate rooms according to circumstances.
  8. No ball and throwing games are allowed in the hall.
  9. Unauthorised persons or children playing on the piano or organ are strictly forbidden.
  10. Please refrain from putting up placards and posters on any of the walls.
  11. The use of alcohol on the premises will not be allowed under any circumstances.
  12. No trees and shrubs may be removed or damaged – picking of flowers are also prohibited.
  13. No fires are to be lit except on existing fireplaces. Please report any suspicious fires immediately as fire hazard during the summer months are  a particularly big reality.
  14. Please work sparingly with our water.
  15. Supervisors / Caretakers  or teenagers and children are to make sure that all furniture, doors and windows are handled in a careful manner, and that all facilities are used in a responsible way.
  16. Please immediately report to the manager any damage or breakages during the time of your stay.
  17. Little children are to be under proper supervision at all times on the property or in the rooms.
  18. No mattresses or furniture may be removed or moved about.
  19. We kindly request that you leave the rooms and other facilities in a neat and clean condition.  Neglecting to comply might lead to the loss of part of your deposit. At departure please ensure that all lights are switched off and that all doors and windows are closed.  The premises must be vacated by 14H00 on Sunday afternoon.  Please pick up your garbage.
  20. No pets are allowed on the premises.
  21. Doing business on the premises is prohibited.

Feel free to contact us with any problems that you might encounter.